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In the finished round the Dutch grandmaster Rob Clerk has sufferred defeat from Jean Mark Nd'ofanga. Still yesterday one of the most known checkers players of the country of tulips stayed in good mood and with optimism looked in the future.

- You yesterday have won at Gavril Kolesov. What your opinion on a level of his game?

- I studied his previous parties on this tournament on which beforehand has understood, that he very serious player. So was ready to a duel.

- Whether you find common in style of game of the African and Yakut players?

- At africans completely other style of game, they mostly play intuitively. May be, it is connected by that they do not study the theory of the international checkers. At the Yakut players style also original, even differs from style of the Russian players a little, but it does not mean, that the Yakut checkers players are weaker.

- In Holland of a checker are still popular, as well as earlier?

- Unfortunately, now with influence of computer games, both checkers, and a chess have lost the former status.

- You during decades remain one of conducting checkers players of a planet. How you manage to support such good form?

Is my small secret.

- What your impressions about the organization of tournament of applicants? About our capital?

- The organization of competitions at a good level. Unfortunately, to see city yet it was not possible. Has studied only road from hotel up to a place of realization of tournament. All free time I am engaged in checkers.

- Means, you are firmly going to reach the final?

- Certainly, I put before myself this purpose. But while nothing it is clear.

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