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Where "Narrow" there is breaking(English)

Where "Narrow" there is breaking(French)

"Squall of combinations" of A.Getmansky

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 This page was prepared from information which one has received from editorial staff of Russian magazine "Draughts world" (in Russian only) We would't translate here all articles of this magazine, we'll represent in English only a small parts of them with examples. But i hope you will be able imagine this magazine what about. And now it's pleasent - to open the new one with fresh printer's ink noun !
  If you want order numbers of "Draughts world", please contact to e-mail:  magazine_shashmir@hotmail.com

5 May. We have translated article from magazine "Draughts world" written by  Evgraf Zubov into French  Read here

19 April. Do you want know some true about World Championship 2000? Do you want understand better, why H.Wiersma didn't played in Moscow? We have prepared translating to English of article from magazine "Draughts world" written by Evgraf Zubov. Read here






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