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Likely nobody needs to represent the nine-multiple champion of the world Alexey Chizhoff. His biography and the sports achievements are in detail reflected on pages B.Feldman. Unfortunately, in the article is not full enough presented a draughts portrait of our champion. We fill this gap on the basis of a selection of consignments specially prepared Of Alexey for our site. Following known saying, that the person is such one, with what he wants to be, it is possible to consider Alexey Chizhoff as the player of risky gamble style, by what he and refers himself. But... Few accept call and the majority of his games played in right position style with some tactics. Per the last 2 years the style of A.Chizhoff became more and more risky, delivering true enjoying fans of draughts. So, ENJOY...

Tchizhoff could win against Fennema with nice shot, but didn't find it!

22 July. On the finished Open Netherland's championship game Tchizhoff - Fennema has received prize for best combination. But our champion didn't find this nice shot during game. See, how it could be..

22 July. Erdenebileg (Mongolia) won championship of Asia  with 17 points, Amrilloev (Bashkiria) was second - 16 points and Kolesov (Sakha) 15 points. See games of first rounds.

Guntis Valneris won in Tallinn!

6 July. He taken 13 points from 18, and this number became happy for him. Ex-champion of world A.Schwartzman - second. Tabel and games5 July Before last round in Tallinn Valneris leads - 12 points, Schwartzman is second - 11 points, then Gantwarg and Kirzner - both per 10 points.

30 April  Selection tournament to the championship of Russia of 2001 on the international checkers, being also a command Cup of Russia was held in a boarding house "Zemchuzina", near town Zvenigorod of the Moscow area from April, 21 till April, 29. Look the entire account HERE. And still a little bit about "draughts politics". Conference of the Russian Federation of checkers was held April, 29. Under the report of credentials committee was present 48 delegates, but we have counted in a hall only 35 persons together with spectators. As they say, comments are superfluous... All the greater interest among delegates are made with people which checkers players see only at conference, and so we shall tell, a little bit far from understanding both draughts game, and draughts problems. From here and quality of decisions accepted by them. To sharp criticism on the part of the president of federation members of presidium as Chertok, Androsov , and the chairman of federation of checkers of St.-Petersburg V.O.Langin in general has refused to participate in similar committee. 

22 April. Last round of the Netherlands championship didn't discover the winner. Harm Wiersma, Hans Jansen en Hein Meijer wiil play in barrage for title. See final results.

11 April. A small book's shop of the old draughts rares was opened. You can exchange/buy what you want. For contacts send e-mail shop@draughts.ru










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