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Draughts News

August, 24. Holland. Jeroen van den Akker is the first draughts player who had to go to the doping control. After fifth round in Dutch championship (www.kndb.nl) lottery decided that Van den Akker had to go to the doping control.
After Van den Akker also Wieger Wesselink and Sven Winkel had to give their urine. The results of the doping control will be published in about six weeks, is writting to us
Henk Stoop.

August, 19. Please, find here all games of SNS tournament in applet.
August, 17. Holland. Senegal's grandmaster N.Samb (photo) won here strong international SNS tournament. Kees Tijssen (Holland) was second, Vadim Virny (Germany) - third, Mark Podolsky (Germany) - forth and Zoya Golubeva (Latvia) - fifth.
August, 15. Las-Vegas. The first here was finished in a history of draughts the tournament - multiathlon, devoted to 55-anniversary FMJD in which has taken part 75 persons. Anatoly Zaguljaev (photo) - 32 очка has won. USA. 2. P.Schuitema 30, Holland 3. A.Kurenchshikov 22, Russia, Habarovsk, Vanino. 4. A.
Pokatilovskiy, 22, USA 5. W.E.A van BEEK 19, Holland 6. C.Walker 17, USA 7. Springer, 14, Holland 8. A.Caao, 13, USA. Competitions passed on circular system by 3 kinds of draughts, 100, pool and чекерс, informs A.Zaguljaev.

August, 15, Yakutsk. Ninefold world champion Alexey Chizhov (photo) won the international tournament in Vladimir Ptitsyn's prizes. Yakutian grandmaster Gavril Kolesov has taken second place. Read last part of Challenge Diary. Final's results of Challenge and international tournament.
August, 14. Yakutsk. Additional tournament for a bronze medal was won by ex-world champion A.Shvartsman. 4-th place and the right to play in the final of the next world championship was won by V.Mil'shin.
1August, 13. Yakutsk. A.Georgiev (photo) has won Challenge tournament in Yakutsk. The second place at A.Getmansky who has won in last round by R.Heusdens. For 3-4 places giving the right to participate in the following world championship, it is necessary a match. Look what interesting analyses of parties of H.Mejera his clubmate Jean ten Brink has sent. Get acquainted with results of all meetings and parties of Challenge tournament in апплете. Read Diary reportings on tournament from siite of A.Svirin, the applicants devoted to tournament. Also interesting photos in the same place have appeared.
The world champion, A.Chizhov, privately-owned is in the lead on the international tournament in V.I.Ptitsyn's prizes. Ahead last round. The table.

August, 10. Yakutsk. Very similar, that the applicant for a match with the world champion, A.Chizhov, was defined preschedully. In Alexander Georgiev (photo) 4-th round has won above J-M.Ndjofang. Other parties were finished in a draw.
Games of 3-rd and 4-th rounds has arrived! You can see it in applet. News from Yakutiay has delated, so today only read Diary for yesterday.
On 3 international tournament in V.I.Ptitsyn's prizes world champion A.Chizhov - three victories in three rounds is in the lead! Table

August, 8. Yakutsk. Second round. A.Schvarsman - A.Getmansky 1-1, A.Georgiev - V.Milshin 1-1, S.Nosevich - R.Clerc 1-1, J.-M.Ndjofang - R.Heusdens 1-1
Find Diary updated, games of final's rounds, tie-breaks games in applet and so on...

August, 6. Yakutsk. R.Clerc, J-M.Ndjofang and V.Milshin join the final. Four players, R.Clerc, J-M.Ndjofang, V.Milshin and G.Valneris played two tie-breaks more woth no decision. The lot has been drown and the black ball was for G.Valneris. Tie-breaks table. See ending of game A.Gantwarg - G.Kolesov.
August, 5. Yakutsk. Last, 11 round didn't make cleaner situation with who will play in final. Only four players made reseravtion for themselves, А.Georgiev, A.Getmansky, S.Nosevich and R.Heusdens which won A.Cordier. Seven will play tie-break tomorrow for three rest places. It will really nice show for fans... More
Yakutian Diary. Eleven round.

August, 4. Yakutsk. Alexander Getmansky won Jean-Mark Ndjofang and has entereing to leaders. Four players habe per 13 points before last round of Challenge, A.Georgiev, A.Cordier, A.Getmansky and S.Nosevich. 6 players have 1 point less, G.Valneris, A.Gantwarg, R.Clerc, J-M.Ndjofang, R.Heusdens and G.Kolesov. Look what interesting analyses of parties of H.Mejera his clubmate Jan ten Brink has sent. See table and games. Challenge Diary and interview with Jean Mark Ndjofang. Also see fresh interview with Rob Clerc.
August, 3. Yakutsk All four leaders played draw own games in 9 round. R.Clerc and A.Getmansky entered in group "+2". See all results.
August, 2. Yakutsk. After 8-th round ahead the four of checkers players, S.Nosevich who has drawn from A.Gantvarg, J-M.Ndjofang, won the Clerk, A.Georgiev who has changed A.Kalmakov, and A.Cordier who has won D.Erdenebileg. One point less three players, G.Valneris, A.Gantvarg and G.Kolesov.
Look what interesting analyses of parties of H.Mejera his clubmate Jan ten Brink has sent.
See table and games. Challenge Diary and interview with Jean Mark Ndjofang.

31 July. Jean Mark Ndjofang from Cameroon (photo) is new leader of competition! In last round he won against M.Amrilloev (Russia). You can find fresh results of all 6 rounds, table of tournament and games in applet from Challenge World tournament in Yakutsk here. Please, find here Challange Diary from Yakutsk (sorry of translation quality).

18 June. We suggest to see a few games of Brazil Jogos Abertos in new type of applet.

13 June. Riga. Alexander Georgiev (photo) won here memorial of A.Andreiko A.Getmansky has same points, but take second place. We suggest to see very interesting game between them.

12 June. We suggest to see some games from Salou 2002 and Confederation Cup in applet.
7 June. Delft. Anatoly Gantvarg won here strong international tournament with experimental system. World champion Alexey Chizhov was second. More.
6 June. Riga. In Sunday, well-known draughts grandmaster Vladimir Vigman (now - deputy editor of newspaper "Telegraf") has played simultaneous in the Vernam's park. Short report and photos.
4 June. Araraquara (Brazil). Oziel Carvalio won XIII Open championship of Brazil in 64 draughts (damas), Sousa was second, Augusto Carvalio - third. In the category up to 18 years Francicko Marselo won.
3 June. Delft. Result first round:Geert Prinsen - Rob Clerc 5-0; Alexei Tsjizjov - N'Diaga Samb 5-0; Tamara Tansykkuzhina - Anatoli Gantwarg 0-5.
Clerc made a temporary offer and had a good position. Then he missed a winning combination. In a position where each player had a king and six pieces, Clerc made a blunder.
Samb seemed to have a good attacking positon. But he could not play the aimed move because of a surprising combinatio. After that Tsjizjov had a winning surrounding position.
Many thanks to Henk de Witt for information.
20 May. Salou. A. Shvartsman won strong international tournament in Salou. Another places -
2. G.Valneris
3. A.Chizhoff
4. A.Scholma
5. A.Getmansky

17 May. We begin publush parts of new article Alexander Shvartsnan "Diamond win" about Russian club competition in Tver.

13 May. Happy Birthday to Harm Wiersma, famous Holland grandmaster. Our congratulation page with games collection and photos.

7 May. We suggest to you download all games of Latvian 100 competition in Word's format.

7 May. Lietuva. R.Valuzis и A.Kybartas lead in 64 competition, both per 6 points after 4 rounds. Таble and photos.

6 May. Cambridge. Mind Sports Olympiad Cambridge 2002. England won match in checkers against Czech Republic with score 7-4. In checkers tournament Dave Harwood was first - 5 points, Brian Lucas - second and George Miller - third. Site.

5 May. Holland. Gerrit Boom won Barnsteen tournament with 11 points, Wim Bremmer was second - 11 points, Ron Heusdens - third with 10 points.

30 April. Happy birthday to Zoya Golubeva! Please see she's games collection in the applet and photos.

27 April. Ukraine. Brazilian junior, Francisco Marcelo, won Estilo Blitz, also denominated Estilo Relampago, in departures of 3 minutes for each player. He won all their opponents (!), and for the first time a player gets to win an event of this nature totaling 100% of the points. Interview of L.Marcos on the Vinnitsa's site.

24 April. FMJD. We have received information about FMJD 55th Anniversary Events in Las-Vegas, USA. Those events will for all kind of draughts! Reglament, dates, prize fund. I can note, that the prize-winning fund of tournaments, softly speaking, is insignificant, $ 1500. I shall remind, that recent visit of Mr. van Beek in Russia has done without more serious amount.

24 April. Litva. А.Domchev and V.Stasitis lead after 6 rounds. They have per 10 points. Таble.

24 April. Мinsk. Before last round A.Gantvarg and S.Nosevish have per 18 points. In previous round world ex-champion didn't win against master kandidat Klimenok. Таble.

22 April. Our congratilations page to Iser Koeperman has updated. Ypu can find there newest his games collections (not from Turbo Dambase) and photos.

22 April. Minsk. A.Gantvarg leads in Belorussians championship with 16 poits from 20, S.Nosevish is second with one point less. Tournament table.

22 April. We suggest you 4 article of "practical combinations" under J.Ermakov editing. We invite all fans of nice shots.

22 April. Riga. Guntis Valneris won in national Latvian championship with nice result - 25 points from 30! L.Zalitis was second and R.Vipulis - third. Тable, games and photos from Riga.

19 April. Please find here (in English) the first communique about the Challenge Mondial 2002, Yakutsk.

16 April. We have opened new chapter under editing of Alexander Shvartsman. Shvartsman Draughts Review.

15 April.
Riga. On the Latvia competition K.Alekseev leads with 9 points after 6 rounds. G.Valneris and R.Vipulis have both 1 point less. Details.

13 April.
Minsk. There is Belarus Womens Draughts competition in the capital of country. Irina Pashkevich won this tournament in tens (!) times. Details.

12 April. We siggest you calendar of more important competitions in 2002 in 100-ed squares. You could see dates and places of Challenger competition and World tourney 2003.

5 April. We suggest to youl letter of Mr. Walter E.A. van Beek, president of the FMJD, "Memorandum of Understanding", about his agreement with Mr. Klimashev, president of RDF. Sorry, my comments in Russian only. A.K.

3 April. Probably, "Draughts in Russia" is the first WAP site in internet. Now you can visit to our test page www.wap.draughts.ru Please send your comments to alex@draughts.ru

2 April. Holland. Ron Heusdens won competition in Denkbiatlon thanks to "buchholzscore" only:
1. Ron Heusdens (IM in draughts)
2. Erik Hoeksema (IM in chess)
3. Anton van Berkel (IM in draughts)
Full results see at site http://home.wanadoo.nl/daanen/biatlon/

1 April. Draughts programm "Magistr" won blitz-championship of Sankt-Petersburg in Russian draughts. Games of winner.

1 April. Olympic news. As we found out recently, thanks to efforts of World international committee of intellectual games development, International Olympic Committee will include chess and draughts in the next Summer Olympic Games 2004 year. Soon we will have our own Olympic champions. See details on new FMJD site.

1 April. Star's life. Our special correspondent from Brazil, Carlos de Bebetos, has sent us photo from "Damas do Brazil" magazine. There you can see the famous grandmaster from Russia, Alexander Shvartsman with ... his son.
It turned out, that Alexander has illegitimate child in Rio de Mineira state, which is
regulary visited by attentive father.
Who knows, may be on the photo you see the next world champion ... from Brazil.

29 March. We suggest to you visit to our special page about A.Shvartsman. Sorry, some information in Russian there.

25 March. We have prepared 3-rd publication of practical compositions under editing of Moscow's master Jury Ermakov

25 March. We suggest all games of semifinal championship of Russia (men), Tver, 1-9 march 2002, in *.pd format for Turbo Dambase.

23 March. We suggest to see all games of wiiners of Russia team competition in Tver. Page of tournament.

23 March. Happy birthday to Holland grandmaster Johan Krajenbrink Small present from us - his winning games collection.

20 March. Draughts club Almaz from Yakutsk became champion of Russia. See games and photos here. More photos here

7 March. We suggest to see kombination of Getmansky from Russia championship in Tver.

6 March. We continue publish in applet games of half-finals of Holland championship 2002.

6 March. We continue publish in applet games of Holland's team competition 2002. Please visit to our page.

6 March. Thanks to world champion A.Chizhoff you could see tourney table from Draguignan and few photos from France.

6 March. Happy Birthday to Nikolay Abatsiev, one from Russian strongest grandmaster. And a small present from us - you can download free 200 his games in PDN format from SPIRT database. If you will print this games for somebody, please don't forget indicate source of games.

5 March.Tver. Women's world champion Tamara Tansykkuzhina won against two-times Russia champion Andrew Kalmakov and leads in individual-teams competition of Russia in men tournament! Details and games.

3 March. France. World champion Alexey Chizhoff won strong tournament in Cannes. His result - "+5" in 9 rounds! H.Meier from Holland was second - "+4". Per "+3" three players - Cordier, Samb and Valneris. We're preparing games for publishing in applet. Games in Turbo Dambase format you can download here. Who hasn't this program, could see games in applet.

2 March. Brazil. Augusto Carvalho from Sao Caetano do Sul won 29 championship Of Brazil in 64 draughts. Oziel S. Carvalho was second and Francisco Jovino - third.

2 March. We have opened new page of practical problems under editing of Moscow's master Yury Ermakov. Advising to see.

18 February. We continue publish in applet games of half-finals of Holland championship 2002.

11 February. We open new part of site for composition under editing of Yury Ermakov from Moscow. Today he represented creative of M. Galkin. (Moscow). It's really fantastic!!!

4 February. We continue publish in applet games of half-finals of Holland championship. 2002.

3 February.
From 20 till 27 January team of Sankt-Peterburg has visited and played with club D.V. Heijting Huissen (Holland). Holland team won with score 21-19. We suggest you games in applet


1 February. Since today you can come into game rooms of VOG and be registered on the game server directly from our site. See you in VOG!





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