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Unlike on you, unlike on me

It is arrogant Cameroonen Jean Маrk Ndjogang


26 years the student of juristic institution from Cameroon under the right is considered as the best player of the African continent. And on tournament of the applicants he among the leaders. We have decided to talk with Jean Mark Ndjofang about his plans on the given competitions and about much by the friend.

- Today you have afflicted of the local fans, having won at Ivan Tokusarov. How the consignment proceeded?

- The game was pleased intense, the opponent played very well and in spite of the fact that I have conquered mine визави has kept good impression

- Jean Mark, you for the first time in our territories. What first impressions?

- The first impression was such, as though I have got on territory of light. By the way, Yakutsk by something is similar to one of the African cities. The buildings have shaken.

- Than?

- When drive in city, such impression, as if the city recently has transferred war. And when begin to go for a walk, notice, that there are modern new houses which соседствуют with ruins. I would name Yakutsk as city of contrasts.

- And the people have liked you?

- About, yes. The people react very emotionally, when we go for a walk on city, we constantly feel their attention, willingly go on contact. Probably it is explained to that many for the first time see people from Africa.

- Jean Mark, you consider on this tournament strongest African, that in general confirms also course of competitions. What purpose how the sportsman you before yourselves have delivered?

- Yes, certainly, I have arrived not as the tourist, and to participate in this important tournament. I am not dispossessed of healthy ambitions and very much I want to get in the ending. To support a title of the double champion of Africa. I hope, that I shall get, therefore as for today I have two victories. Certainly, I understand, that I protect honour of continent and I feel the large responsibility.

- All the same Cameroon is more known by the football players.

- Cameroon - country of the dynamical people, but it does not mean that we, say, only run and we jump. There are people, which are engaged also in such intellectual kinds, as checkers and chess.

- As far as the checkers in your country are popular?

- At us in checkers play at each corner and having arrived here I have noticed in this plan the large difference. At us checkers national game, the people basically play to have a good time. As an official kind of sports checkers while at the stage of development.

- Jean Mark, whether the truth, what you had problems with entry in Russia and we could not see you here?

Is has taken place by error those who constituted the visa - embassy of Russia in the Netherlands, there was a non-conformity in dates. (Ndjofang has arrived in Yakutsk after tournament in this country. Note B.A.) All have arrived to Moscow of July 23, and I had to conduct two awful night at the airport.

- How you carry out spare time here?

- I the person active, love to dance. On evenings we go and we are entertained. (Jean Mark began to throw out hands to the left and to the right, showing, in what pleasure establishments he has visited. By quantity of waves, I scored not less than six points - Note А.B.) the girls very lovely and beautiful, Approach, get acquainted, ignorance of language, certainly, hardly prevents.

- Yesterday you have made a very beautiful and graceful drawn game with one of the best Russian players Владимиром Мильшиным, than have resulted in delight of the judges of thin game.

- Yes, I yesterday played especially is assembled and accurately.

- Today it is even better?

- Yes - yes (laughs)

- In spite of the fact that you have afflicted of the local fans, I wish to you new victories. Good luck and large thank.

Is I should you thank. Very much I love, when set questions.

And Jean Mark has sparkled on farewell by a smile.

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