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  You can to familiarize here with the list of draughts Russians books and magazines and change(or buy) it. Many of them became the real rare books, so it's price could be enough high. But don't worry, we will try publish parts of this books, so you will have possibility to read it.
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You can see at the picture the first experience of souvenir's production of a site " Draughts in Russia ". It's cap for tea or koffee with our trade mark. This cap was tested, and we can confirm that you can use it ordinary...
Quite approaches to take cap with yourself in trip on any competitions, or simply put it on the table. An interior it will not spoil.

The price - $ 9 + shipping cost. Concerning purchase to address on email  


Draughts book – card index for beginners. You can cut it and get 35 card library, where each position will have 2 white and 2 black draughtsman. After you lay out the task on the draughtboard it must be solved in mind, without moving draughtsman by hand. 

The material for this book can fit not only for beginners, but also for more experienced players who want to test the precision of their mind. It is useful to know those positions as they very often can be met in tournaments. In positions 1-56 white start and win. In positions 57-70 white start and make draw

To order this book, please contact to author - Vladas Valantinas,

We exhibit your attention the new book of A.B. Savenok on Russian checkers " Game navylet", left in 2001 in publishing house of St. Petersburg's university in circulation 500 copies. The methodical allowance written in the fascinating form, contains examples of creativity known of draughts player for a period with 1973 for 1997. In the book there is a lot of theoretical material, including little-known even for experienced players. The separate chapter of the book is devoted to memory legendary grandmaster V.S. Litvinovich. The review of the discrepancies detected by the author in the book of E.G.Cuckernik, (who has left Russia in 1996)," Russian checkers is given. The theory of debuts " (Riga, 1996). The analysis of one of variants "Urban's opening ", taken from the methodical allowance of Y.S. Kustarev.

The price of the book - 3 $, for the citizens of CIS - 55 roubles. To order the book it is possible to send message to the address: 199034, St.-Petersburg, University nab., 7/9. Publishing house of SPGU, department "Book by mail". Ph. (812) 328-77-63; the fax (812) 328-44-22. E-mail:  or  at the author: 192282, St.-Petersburg, p.o. 27. of ph. (812) 106-22-16


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