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Where "Narrow" there is breaking

  At last long-awaited world championship in 100-square draughts among the men has started. And merit in it, undoubtedly, only of president of Russian Federation of checkers R.Klimashev, taken on itself all functions of not created Organizing committee.
  Having replaced for a short period of time some places of realization - Riga (Latvia-my note), "Space"(hotel in Moscow-my note), "Sports"(hotel in Moscow- my note), the championship of 2000 has appeared in the Moscow hotel "Narrow".
  For your information, the carry from Riga in Moscow has taken place that the Latvian organizers could not supply required prize-winning fund at a rate of 20000 US dollars. R.Klimashev has given such warranty . However, as has shown the future, having confirmed not vain fears of the many draughts players, would not follow for the sake of the illusive promises " of golden mountains " to the president FMJD " to change sewed on a soap".
  Obvious non-prepareded championship has changed imagine from the festival of checkers which already for a long time was waited by all fans of this game.
  Evident turn of impermissible misses from the party Russian Draughts Federation began already from the invitations - they were deported to the participants only for one week prior to the beginning competition! Certainly, in the circumstances had not time in any way to come in time on a championship 4 representatives of Africa. According to this issua the president FMJD mr. van Beek has given the instruction to delay start for 2 days. But it was ignored, and the championship began with four empty lines in the tourney's table!
  Very disrespectfully in relation to our game opening of the most important competition in checkers - looked. There was no practically everything, that there should be on similar measures - poster, programs, flags of participated countries, flowers, a performance of the actors, qualified interpreters and much other. By the way, the translation from the English language in the rather brief form was realized by the deputy the main judge H. Durdeyev. There was also on " solemn opening " no official person from our country or city, and the fact of absence on it of the representatives of Sport's Commitee of Russia, Moscow and even managements of hotel "Narrow". This situation looked simply indecent.
   In completion to all and itself "identical Organizing committee" has shown the contempt to draughts movement. So, in relation to the deputy of the main editor of the journal "Draughts world " E. Zubov he has undertaken "battle" actions - called protection armed bludgeons, and attempted to expel the journalist from a building of hotel. And R. Klimashev has not invited the vice-president FMJD V.Ptitsyn in the presidium. The reasons? There is the "serious" claims to them - they did not help in preparation of a championship. Though, we shall add, that the same claims RKlimashev constantly presents to all.
   Apparently, he is right. The simply present chapter of the Russian checkers can not rally around of itself the people, which can and are able to work.
   So, 4 international referees, 2 referees of FMJD live at Moscow, there is a lot of the referees of other categories, some former coaches of USSR and Russia, which possess experience in realization of similar competitions. And the urban federation of checkers is headed by the experienced organizer Alexey Salnikov.But federation of checkers of Moscow, any experienced expert have not involved in organization of this championship. It is surprising also, that in structure of the referee assembly and the attendants has not appeared of any Muscovite.
   We do not know, whom R.Klimashev asked about the help and who has given up to him, however it is known, that some offered the help, but he has not taken advantage of them.
   Mister К.Klimashev has not found time to charge itself and preparation of game stock - all have brought to him from Holland: boards, draughts pieces, desktop flags and even the forms!
   But also strange a puncture has happened here! Who could know, that the beginning of the first round will be delayed at 1,5 hours... The reason - has not appeared of chess clocks!? Was found out, as here have counted upon the Dutchs!? But under the mutual arrangement they have brought only the three clocks for additional matches, and have found out about it for some reason only before the beginning of the first round!
   It was necessary ask to A.Salnikov, which urgently has brought hours of domestic production.
The posters and programs on a world championship have not appeared. There were no compliments, and the tournament table have hung out only to the fifth round. The questions of demonstration of games and work of press centre at such the provision of businesses would look inappropriate.
   The tournament hall has appeared small for competitions of such level - place sufficed only for the players, and that was smally. The spectators could place only on a balcony, but also that was contained from force with the person 20. Though, to tell the truth, fans on tournament was slightly. The inaccessibility of hotel "Narrow", disposed so far from centre of Moscow, "only" 30 minutes by walking from the underground station Yasenevo" has had an effect
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