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17 October - birthday of Andris Andreiko!

Vladimir Vigman about Andris Andreiko

Andris loved game on the verge of hazard. The precisely skilful tightrope dancer, he shook from the party in the party a wire. Could also shakes itself, could to fail downwards under the amazed sigh of public . But again going up and as in anything it did not happen kept the strange, dangerous dance.
He trusted in himself. But the style from the very beginning called him nonconfidence of the experts. Others considered, that his victories is fortuitous; that early or late this balancing act will be terminated poorly.
What to do, for Andeiko style it is difficult (if at all probably) to pick up unequivocal definition. Sharply-combinationly? Unconditionally. It was the brightest side of his talent.
The creativity Andreiko distinguished deep entry into the essence of an item. He keeps abreast of the newest theoretical researches, had phenomenal memory, about speed of his account folded legends. It seemed, he is skilful all. And at the same time his style looked at times any elaborate, clumsy, if you want. Such style can be compared to a manner of the letter Amedeo Modigliany. And himself Andris in youth reminded a figure from figures of this surprising artist: with the unnaturally extended hands and neck, angular, as the sharply outlined shadow...
There were doubts - and what if any style and at all is not present? Andris approved quite often, that the integral consignment does not call in him of positive emotions. He as if contrasted struggle of harmony.
Yes, each move was born at Andreiko the same as at other: from understanding, knowledge and account. And still with allowance for psychologies. " He struggles not with an position, and with the contender ", - wrote Dutch grandmaster R.Keller. Really, in the same position Andreiko elected the different plans, in dependence from the one who sat till that party of a board. Andris frequently based on intuition. That is why he played fast. And the correct answers frequently were found not by his contenders, and those who assorted a consignment in press centre. But change by their places, and Andreiko would go by other way. It was his manner. As the hat of a giant, this manner was right size for Andris himself, and from an another's head was dumped. Probably, therefore copiers of Andeiko have not appeared.
It seems, that Andris not imaged absolutely his place in evolution of an idea. He did not love to theorize, did not trust speculative conclusions and loud-voiced maxims. To pull out at him something for the press was difficultly. He preferred practice, preferred to play. As if has heeded to lines of Boris Pasternak: " Other on an alive trace will pass the way behind a span a span... "
But the words of the poet are inverted and to "other", to the one who wants and is obliged to understand creativity remarkable draughts player.
And in life of the person too.
" He was born in a shirt ", - spoke about Andeiko. And he was born in severe forty second. Boy of the militarian years has got wholly. He was obstinate and violente
in the desire to achieve the purpose. Andreiko amazed with readiness to compete with everybody and in everything. Days from morning to evening he played in a chess blitz with grandmaster Aivars Gipslis. Having appeared in Rome, has taken part in tournament in italian checkers, with which rules has got acquainted literally behind some minutes prior to the beginning. And has conquered!
Anatoly Gantwarg:
What first of all was allocated Andreiko with? Acuity of thinking, unusual reaction, that especially admired at game in time troubles and blitz games. I always was amazed with ease and accuracy during playing by him of non-standard positions. That was difficult and not clear for everybody, for him, as it seemed from the party, was simple and clear.
In him was much from boy. Once in a brisk urban street he has offered me to run a race, and we ran! In 1975 Andris successfully has acted in Cup of the USSR in Russian checkers.
Vyacheslav Tschegolev:
Andreiko there was a player with perfect intuition and, that seldom it happens per young years, thin psychological understanding of the contender, let alone the large combinational possibilities, ingenuity and wit.
But language of self-expression was for him language of struggle on a board. I'm sure what he being more young men dreamed by laurels of the champion of the world. All thoughts was turned to this top. Also struggled for it, not pitying neither, nor opponents. In a championship USSR of 1962 Andreiko has lost to Valdis Zvirbulis. After that he all the day did not talk to the first coach. I know, he cursed not destiny and not of the contender, but himself.
From all tests, probably, one of heaviest - test by talent. It does not give rest, adjusts: without delay, without delay! Andreiko has hurried. And atmosphere of this ruthless race reflected on his relations in life. Andris became secretive, unsociable, at times sharp. Somebody accepted it for haughtiness, it happened, nursed a grievance. Andreiko understood, that in it there is also his guilt, and became isolated in itself even more. Unfortunately, the person torn to the high purpose, frequently happens is lonely (at him does not remain neither forces, nor time to make a curts), and in such situation is short and to stumble...
Ton Sijbrands:
Andreiko was known as ingenious tactics, but in same time he was remarkable strategist. Even most unexpected of his moves found then analytical confirmation.
He has reached top. But on it Andreiko suddenly it seemed, that he has lost a support - purpose of struggle. Also there has come natural recession. The time was necessary to look back, to think, " to be defined on district ". And near him has not appeared the friend, which instead of morals would tell something banal: " Never mind, Andris. All in the order. Ahead whole life ". Or simply would clap on a shoulder...
" The Art is eternal, life is fleeting ". Andris oved to repeat, that for one draughts game player tests more emotions, than average man for one year. Yes, measure of life - not lived years. But how many would time to make Andeiko still...

(interpretation of A.Kandaurov)

Andris Andreiko titles

World - 3 gold + 2 silver
Europe - 4 gold + 2 silver + 1 bronze
USSR - 8 gold + 3 silver
International competitions - 10 gold + 9 silver + 1 bronze


Andris Andreiko games

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