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Letter of the presedent of Russian Draughts

Federation, Mr. R.Klimashev,  to all Draughts Federations.

To:  All Draughts Federations


There are offers on FMJD work from Russian Draughts Federation below.
(english and russian versions)

--- English ---

Lacks which need to be removed:

1. There is no precise calendar and regulations about realization of competitions.
2. Absence of duly calls from the countries of organizers.
3. There is no precise communication with organizers which are capable to lead(carry out) competitions of any rank (Except for Holland).
4. In FMJD management there is no representative of the strongest players.
5. There is no system of realization of the world championships.

The proposes:

6. Many FMJD vice-presidents are not necessary, the team of the professionals knowing sports is necessary, and ready is disinterested to work on development and popularization of draughts. It is necessary to notice, that lately, with arrival to bureau FMJD of Mr. Johan Bastiaannet work was much more improved. It is a pity, that while he one and at him is not enough hands.
Russia - great draughts country and in FMJD high-management there should be its representative, not less than the first vice-president.

7. FMJD vice-president can be that president of confederation in which it is totaled not less than 7 countries, otherwise he simply the coordinator.

8. On extraordinary General Assembly all representatives of countries - MFJD members should vote. We understand heavy financial position of FMJD, we understand, that all countries are obliged to pay a membership dues, but a vote on extraordinary General Assembly where basic questions of this organization will be solved, anybody can not take away. Penal sanctions to the countries which are not paying payments down to not of the admission of their players in the world championships are necessary. But also there should be responsibility FMJD for the delayed calls which have entailed behind self nonparticipation of representatives of the countries in competitions.

9. There should be a uniform World Federation of draughts in which on equal rights should be section of Russian draughts, Brazilian draughts, checkers. It is necessary to make all to involve in the World federation checkers. Then we can dream of inclusion of draughts in Olympic games.

    I have no to you Mr. Wouter van Beek of any personal claims, we are ready to cooperate both with you, and with your team but if I shall see, that on the third assembly for one year of nothing will change, and there will be only a sharing of portofolioes and the feeding trough at competitions for heads of section-64 will proceed, I have powers of the our federation and consent SportsMinistery about an exit from FMJD about what it will be informed in the government of Holland, in the Dutch and Russian press.

Roman Klimashev. 16 July 2001


The brief comment.

  Let's leave on conscience of president Russian Draughts Federation presence of the moral right on criticism FMJD. Apparently, he is ready to share the operational experience - in Russia, probably, there is also a precise calendar (when and where, by the way, there will be a championship of Russia on 100-cells?), both calls duly and precise system of selection... His unselfishness in general can light some clauses, and not only draughts ones... At all my love to Russian and Brazilian draughts and checkers, me the populist curtsey aside the last is strange. Even only for recognition NОК of our kind of sports it is necessary to have in union 72 international federations, and FMJD stay very far from it! What here Olympic games! 
   As to personal claims they at me are, as against Mr. R.Klimashev.  I do not think, that he has the right to solve, deprive with me and other Russian sportsmen of the right to participate in the international competitions or - is not present. Even, if Russian Sport's Committee also has given him the consent. By the way, it would be desirable to familiarize with that document.

It would be extremely interesting to find out opinion of our readers on this letter of president of Russian Draughts Federation.

 Alexander Kandaurov


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