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Happy birthday Alexander Kandaourov

To no small degree all of you are obliged to him by that, coming on this site, find out draughts news, have a possibility to communicate in a forum and to congratulate the friends - draughts players on birthday. As to write about myself (moreover in the third person) it is not easy, I shall present, that you in my birthday take from me interview. So, have begun...


Name. Alexander
Surname. Kandaourov
Age. 46, though I feel myself of years on 25!
Country. Russia. To change I am not going...
Title. International grandmaster. Now in Russia it any more rarity due to efforts of Mr. Klimashev to make this rank "more popular". The business for small - is necessary to learn to play.
Rating. I do not know it both and I am not interested. From that moment, when has seen on the top lines of a rating of a surname of draughts players, still yesterday dreaming only to get in the final of a championship USSR. They have not achieved progress in the game, the phenomenon is explained rather simply. At new federation of steel to win not the best sportsmens, and those who at all does not hesitate " to purchase consignments " and whole tournaments. So "business" has come in Russian checkers...
The favourite book. Mine favorites books in due course do not vary. Still on the first place of the book Strugatsky's brothers. I re-read them again and again.
Favourite theatre. "Satirikon". Unfortunately, not so frequently I go in theatre, as it it would be desirable, but with pleasure I get out on performances of this theatre. In delight from the last premiere, "Shantekler"
Favourite film. Cinema I love, like "Stalker" and "Solyaris" by A.Tarkovsky. And in general, I love old Soviet films, comedy of Ryazanov and Gaidai more.
Favourite group. Beatles. It seems, for my generation of alternative simply does not exist. With pleasure I collect the books about this group and I look through they's DVD with interview and performances.
Favourite kind of sports. I attend by table tennis, ski and bicycle. I love to supervise of matches NBA, Formulа-1, competitions on a ski.
Favourite command. Moscow "Dinamo", though all life acted for "Locomotive"
Favourite country. There, where was born. Probably, is better, but the native land happens only one...
Favourite city. Moscow and … Оrlando (USA,Florida). In first I was born, and in second is Disneyworld. Well this children's park is pleasant to me, though for a long time already has left this age. The place, where is wonderfully had a rest far from human vanity.
Hobby besides checkers. The computer and ... family. First has developed into professional activity and became to take away a great lot of time in second. Unforchunatelly...
Favourite employment on the computer. Dialogue under the Internet, editing of a site. Now has taken a great interest in creation of base for Russian draughts.
Favourite computer game. I do not take a great interest.
When beginnings to be engaged in checkers. Rather late on present submissions, per 16 years. Has learned to play a uncle years at 10-12. In draughts club of "Locomotive" has come after 9-th class.
Favourite draughts editing. The old Soviet journal "Checkers". Unfortunately, too late has understood, that it, in essence, book of a history of checkers in USSR, and is a pity, that and did not begin to collect these journals. But stayed with pleasure I review.
Idol in checkers. Can because, that progressed fast, had not time by those to get.
How many time devote to checkers. After 1991 recollected them not each month, as the computer business took away all forces. But all the same has found time to play in two world championships under the Brazilian version and several command championships of Brasil. Now occasionally there is a desire поанализировать of an item, and that and to play in any tournament.
Whether dreamed to become the champion of the world. As is spoken, " that soldier is bad, who doesn't dream to be general… " And life so has developed, that was possible to win this title.


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