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Announcement of two tournaments in Las Vegas

Tri-Combo Tournament: 100, 64 Russian/Brazilian and Checkers

FMJD 55th Anniversary Event
in Cooperation with International Checkers Hall of Fame

Venue: Las Vegas: 4 Augustus (arrival) - 11 August (departure)
Hotel: Four Queens Casino Hotel
Hotel cost: $ 29, - per night during week, $45,= in weekends.

Tri-Combo tournament (Tinsley Memorial)

Prizes: 1st $350,=, 2nd $250,=, 3rd $200, 4th $150,=, 5th $50,=

Played in the evenings: each player plays 100 sq (rapid), 64 checkers and 64 "pool" (=Russian/Brazilian) against the same opponent.
100 sq: 1 hour per game
64 pool: 30 minutes for whole game
64 checkers: 30 minutes for whole game.
Each game 2-0 or 1-1, total of one encounter: between 6-0 and 3-3.
Swiss system if between 10 and 20 players. Knockout system is more, round robin if less.

in the mornings:

FMJD Anniversary rapid tournament

Knock-out formula or Swiss, depending on number of participants.
Prize money: $250,= 1sr pl, $150,= 2nd pl. $100,= 3rd pl.

1st. round 5 August 2002
One round per day (for both tournaments))
Last round (6th) 10 August
Departure 11 August.

Additional information.

Tournament dates: 4-8 August
Rooms to be had from 1 - 9 August
Cost rooms: $ 29 , = a night, only Friday and Saturday $49 per night. Hotel: "Four Queens Hotel", 202 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101, www.fourqueens.com, +1-800-634-6045

Inscription: $50,=
Prize fund (total) $1500,=

Travel costs to Las Vegas: check Internet for cheap flights. From Euro 360,= (return ticket) offers have been spotted.

Competitions are played separately in checkers, pool checkers (64 Russian) and international draughts PLUS a combination "Tri-Game" tournament, where competitors play all three versions.
The exact format will be decided in the following months.

Please inscribe at the FMJD office indicating whether you want to play only 100 sq or all versions.

Wouter van Beek & Charles Walker

For more information: FMJD Office.