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The draughts database programms

The modern computer market of the draughts database programs to our regret haven't enough quantity of serious products. You couldl find in the internet alot of freeware distributed versions of the programs playing even at the highest level complexities approximately by virtue of 1-st category. What about the strong playing programs, they can only be purchased. From most known it's Truus and Buggy. First of them can be acquired on a site KNDB, concerning purchase second is not known to us.

Among the programs playing in Russian checkers, strongest and popular are the Magister, PLUS600, Agafonov's Club, Navigator, Russian Tornado, Russian Checkers. Excuse, if I hasn't mentioned anyone.

With the programs working with draughts databases all is much easier. Because, now we have at the market two such programs, SPIRT, of Moscow's programmer Sergey Bobrovsky, and Turbo Dambase of the Dutch programmer Klaas Bor are presented only. More precisely speaking, Bor's Database this whole family of the programs adapted under various rules of checkers. The programs for 100 squares (base on 230 thousand games) and Brazilian (base on 10,5 thousand games) draughts are already accessible. Is prepared for issue and program for Russian checkers. We shall undertake attempt to tell to you about these programs, functions, which they can execute, as they can be used during training, at a spelling of the article or book, preparation for competitions and etc. Certainly you could read all this in the descriptions to the programs. But, knowing inherent dislike of the creative people for the instructions, we shall make attempt to grant you the descriptions of these programs in the systematized kind and with screenshots. The mentioned above programs basically have identical functions, though it is necessary to tell to the owing Bor's programm, which surpasses in the service and possibilities nevertheless program of Bobrovsky. So, we exhibit you these two draughts databases.