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Challenge tournament Diary, Yakutsk-2002
from official site
(sorry, translation has been made by programm)

July, 26. Opening.

July, 26. 1 round. July, 27. 2 round. July, 28. 3 round.

July, 29. 4 round. July, 30. 5 round. July, 31. 6 round.

August, 1. 7 round. August, 2. 8 round. August, 3. 9 round.

August, 4. 10 round. August, 5. 11 round. August, 6. Tie-breaks.


July 29. 3 round. The victory Mongolian grandmaster Dun Erdenebileg above the double champion of Russia Alexander Getmansky from Tula has introduced him in the sole leaders. The forecasts those are really justified who designated the double champion of Asia to number of the finalists? By and large Erdenebileg makes on it the serious application. Whether will long be prolonged " Mongolian pressure" on Challenge tournament of the applicants will show time.
One of productive meetings unconditionally called triumph of the Yakutiya fans. Gavril Kolesov has gained victory above the young Latvian Benno Butulis. At last, so-called " the realization of advantage ", which "limped" at Gavril in first two rounds, was lead up up to winning in the end. Ivan Tokusarov has played in a draw with the Dutch jer. Thus, ours both grandmasters are included into group of the leaders.
After all the consignment of the Russian Vladimir Milshin and player from Cameroon Jean Mark Ndjofang was completed. The advantage of the Russian was increased on a course of a consignment and it seemed, that in kings endgame the prize is business of engineering. So thought everything, except for player from Cameroon. Unexpectedly he gives back king and one simple reaches by a drawn game against king and three pieces of the opponent. The fans of ancient game which was watching g up the ending of this duel for certain have not pitied the spent time, as have received aesthetic enjoying from thin game. By the way speaking, Ndjofang is considered as the informal leader among draughts player of black continent presented on Tournament of the applicants. The last year on a world championship in Moscow he has taken a high eighth place, furthermore he is the double champion of Africa. By the way, in the fourth round in the contenders Ndjofang not who has dropped out other, as Ivan Tokusarov.
Also till two points opposite to the surnames in the tournament table the obvious favorites the ex-champion of the world Guntis Valneris from Latvia and ex-champion of Europe the Russian lexander Georgiev have written down. For both these victories of steel by first on tournament. Most likely, both to it will not be limited.
And calling large interest around of the well played on start person of calmness of the first round Druit from Mali, similar, finally has acclimatized. The victory above the Lithuanian Vaidas Stasitis allows to do such conclusion. Surprises time, which was spent with the son of the African people on a consignment - only 54 minutes.
Undoubtedly one consignment of forthcoming fourth round - Gavril Kolesov and natoly Gantwarg (Belarus) - will cause the large interest. Many know, what exactly Anatoly gave the first foremen - classes Yakutiya players, when conducted training camp the taxes with ours by best players at the end of the ninetieth years. Now for Gavril became turn to pass examination. What his estimation will be, the answer we find out very soon.

July 28. 2 round. The second round was received same productive, as well as yesterday. Equally half of consignments was completed by victory of one participant, accordingly by defeat other. By simple mathematical counts is defined, that the stayed half of meetings was completed in a draw.
In a result we have received unprecedented quantity of the leaders - 13 persons have collected till three points. That especially pleases of the local fans, among them and Ivan Tokusarov, played in a draw with the Dutch Ron Heusdens. In this consignment the mutual attack of flanks has not brought to the contenders of desirable victory.
The consignment of other our participant Gavril Kilesov with Vachagan muradyan, national foreman from Armenia proceeded with advantage of Gavril, but the prize, as the experts have noted, has not appeared. And in the first round with Ibragim Adessoi Kolesov missed a prize. So, the yesterday's losers today were rehabilitated. So, natoly Gantwarg has gained victory above the representative of Mongolia Gjargal Ganbaator. It Belorus grandmaster has needed 76 moves. The Russian Andrey Kalmakov, losed in the first round also was rehabilitated. He rather fast has changed the Lithuanian Vaidas Stasitis.
It is a little statistics. The youngest participant of Challenge tournament of the applicants is the Latvian Benno Butulis, has noted the day before yesterday seventeenth birthday the day before yesterday. With what him, though and with delay, WE CONGRATULATE!
And the most age participant - Lev Slobodskoy from Israel, which age comes nearer to 60. Truly, checkers all ages are obedient.
As is known, there were changes in the time-table of tournament of the applicants. Rounds of a preliminary stage there will be eleven. Thus, August 6, in case of a sharing of places (as is known in the ending there pass only seven best) the additional match - tournament will be conducted. For others this day will be long-awaited day of rest. And the next day, August 7, will be started with international tournament on prizes of Vladimir PTITSYN.
Also to changes of the program we shall relate that exit round in Pokrovsk will not be, and in Namsky Ulus group of draughts players, as well as is scheduled, will be landed on August 4.

July 27. 1 round. As was informed earlier, on a course of the first round in 15 minutes the ambassador of a beginning of a consignment Druit Ble and Dutch Heusdens Ron, the representative of the African continent has felt problems with health. The doctors of tournament conducted him in infectious branch of urban hospital for making out of the problems reason.
Is not present is poor without goods. Therefore as in case of leaving Druit the local fans were received of one more participant from republic - with the foremen of sports Vasily Kychkin, which has passed special preparation for these important competitions, but because of even quantity of the participants was not allowed to start.
However, the doctors have found state of Druit quite decent and have revealed symptoms connected to acclimatization. It is difficult to imagine, that would be with him, if the Challenge tournament of the applicants would be conducted in the winter. dicals mans have allowed to Druit to begin competitions. Thus, today in morning Ble Honro has finished the postponed consignment with Ron Heusdens. The consignment was completed for the benefit of the representative of country of tulips.
Yesterday there was one more sensation. Fortunately, it concerned the only sports party and was very pleasant for Yakutiays citizens. Business that grandmaster Ivan Tokusarov has won against one of favorites Alexander Balyakin, which unique of all acts flying the flag (under the guise) FMJD (World federation of checkers).
The victories waited and from Gavril Kolesov in a consignment with the champion of Nigeria Ibrahim Adessa. Gavril had on a course of a consignment advantage. In kings endgame he had advantage in two checkers. However player from black continent there was not a miss and has found a beautiful drawn game.
To other unexpectedness of competitions it is possible to relate a defeat of the Russian Andey Kalmakov from the representative of Uzbekistan Alisher Artykov. And also drawn game of the four-multiple champion of the world Anatoly Gantwarg from Belorus in a consignment with Duakite Dod from Mali.
As you can see, the tournament began from unexpectedness. And you see the first round was finished only.


Alexandra Burnasheva

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