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Challenge tournament Diary, Yakutsk-2002
from official site
(sorry, translation has been made by programm)

July, 26. Opening.

July, 26. 1 round. July, 27. 2 round. July, 28. 3 round.

July, 29. 4 round. July, 30. 5 round. July, 31. 6 round.

August, 1. 7 round. August, 2. 8 round. August, 3. 9 round.

August, 4. 10 round. August, 5. 11 round. August, 6. Tie-breaks.


August 3. The ninth round has turned out very productive. Eight parties were finished by a victory of one of opponents. The truth, on first five boards drawn results nevertheless were fixed. But if in a duel Jean Mark Nd'ofang - Alexander Georgiev players have made huge quantity of exchanges with mutual aspiration to peace outcome in other four parties of leaders struggle went up to last piece.
Most of all the numerous spectators who have gathered in a hall of Pedagogical college, experienced for outcome of party Guntis Valneris - Gavril Kolesov. From time to time it seemed, that to the Yakut grand master to not avoid defeat. But patient fans and first of all itself Gavril were renumerated by desired result - a drawn game.
And Ivan Tokusarov, today has given an occasion again to believe in his chances of hit in the following stage. In a party with Losseni Kouatehe juwelirly used arisen weakness in a position of the african and has finished a party up to a victory.
The Rob Clerk and Alexander Getmansky have achieved the important victories above compatriots. Accordingly above H.Mejer and Andrey Kalmakov. The double champion of Russia has noted the victory vigorous dancing movements on celebratory supper. Have not remained in the party and other participants who have shown the unique vocal data. Especially all liked songs in execution of the Dutch duet and the Latvian trio.
Thus, for two rounds before the ending of a preliminary stage the four of leaders has kept the positions. Sergey Nosevich (Belorys), Jean Mark Nd'ofang (Cameroon), Alexander Georgiev (Russia) and Arno Cordier (France). And by the way all four already have played among themselves, that is in the following round leaders play with the persecutors. And them began five: Guntis Valneris (Latvia), Rob Clerk (Holland), Anatoly Gantvarg (Belorus), Russians Alexander Getmansky and Gavril Kolesov.
All participants and organizers thank for the fine organization of exit round of Challenge tournament of applicants of the first assistant to the chapter of administration Namskogo Ulusa Nikolay Gorohov, director Namskogo of pedagogical college Vasily Petrov, the head of a department of youth and sports Seeds Yadrizhinsky and all due to what stay on hospitable Namsk's ground will for a long time be remembered to participants.

Ndjofang J. - Georgiev A. 1 - 1
Cordier A. - Nosevich S. 1 - 1
Valneris G. - Kolesov G. 1 - 1
Gantwarg A. - Bedinov V. 1 - 1
Baljakin A. - Erdenebileg D. 1 - 1
Meijer H. - Clerc R. 0 - 2
Kalmakov A. - Getmanski A. 0 - 2
Tokusarov I. - Kouate L. 2 - 0
Butulis B. - Milshin V. 0 - 2
Heusdens R. - Muradjan V. 2 - 0
Amrilloev M. - Kirzner I. 1 - 1
Aliev E. - Dauda Diakite 2 - 0
Adiatu Ibrahim - Gangargal G. 1 - 1
Druit Ble Honro - Artikov A. 0 - 2
Stasitis V. - Karp K. 1 - 1
Sarsekeev G. - Slobodskoy L. 0 - 2
After 9 rounds:
1-4: A.Georgiev (Russia), J.-M. Ndjofang(Cameroon), A.Cordier(France), S.Nosevich(Belarus) - 12 points
5-9: G.Valneris(Latvia), A.Gantwarg(Belarus), R.Clerc (Holland), A. Getmanski(Russia), G.Kolesov(Russia-Yakutia) – 11 points
10-14 A.Baljakin(FMJD), D.Erdenebileg (Mongolia), Tokusarov (Russia-Yakutia), R.Heusdens(holland), V.Bedinovs(Latvia), V.Milshin (Russia) – 10 points

August 2. Main event of past round, anyway for us, Yakutsk citizens was victory of Gavril Kolesov above the three-multiple champion of Ukraine Igor Kirzner. In middle of game for Yakutiya's grandmaster it was possible to intercept the initiative and most precise courses to finish a consignment before victory. Viva, Gavril!
The ex-champion of Europe Alexander Georgiev has changed Andrey Kalmakov from Tver with hight technics only.
The loser of the last round Jean Mark Njofang, gained at a most experienced Rob Clerk was rehabilitated. The classical position was received, in which the advantage was at Cameroonen, furthermore the Dutch at the end of a consignment had sharp shortage of time. Njofang has conducted the original plan with a victim piece and, though the representative of country of tulips had time to make treasured 50 courses, soon after the control was compelled to recognize the defeat.
Erdenebileg Blew again has blown. This time to French Arno Cardier. This consignment was finished by latest: and if the French on his results was renumerated by victory, on Mongolian player after a defeat it was simply a pity to look. The consignment of the leader Sergey Nosevich with the compatriot Anatoly Gantwarg was finished in a draw, though advantage all the same had more experienced Gantwarg. And in one consignment players from same country, young Vladislav Bedinovs has resisted against titled Guntis Valneris a drawn game.
So, for three rounds before ending a preliminary stage the four players have till 11 points. It's Sergey Nosevich (Belorus), Jean-Mark Ndjofang (Cameroon), Alexander Georgiev (Russia) and Arno Cordier (France). Following by them come, lagging behind on one point, Guntis valneris (Latvia), Anatoly Gantwarg (Belorus) and Gavril Kolesov (Russia). If this stage was finished today, these seven courageous would get in a final part. Us, Yakutyan, such variation very much even would suit. Was close to victory in today's round and Ivan Tokusarov in a consignment with Мurod Amrilloev. But prize nevertheless was not found. And it is a pity.
Tomorrow all participants and judge get over in Namsky Ulus to conduct the next round. The capital automatically passes to one day in Нamtsy, where is held interplanetary draughts a congress. Hurrah!


Alexandra Burnasheva

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