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Challenge tournament Diary, Yakutsk-2002
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(sorry, translation has been made by programm)

July, 26. Opening.

July, 26. 1 round. July, 27. 2 round. July, 28. 3 round.

July, 29. 4 round. July, 30. 5 round. July, 31. 6 round.

August, 1. 7 round. August, 2. 8 round. August, 3. 9 round.

August, 4. 10 round. August, 5. 11 round. August, 6. Tie-breaks.


August 1. Please find Interview of Alexandra Burnasheva with Jean Mark Ndjogang.

On Tournament of the applicants the next change of the leader. Today he became the international master from Belarus Sergey Nosevich, which has gained already third victory, this time above the leader Jean Mark Ndjofang from Cameroon. Rather strange or even rash strategy African in this round, which on idea on the rights collected desired plus 3, should the stayed consignments to conduct in a quiet key, unexpectedly has strummed a sharp item and already in a desperate item has overdued time. For African on August 1 became truly black day.
Other consignments of the leaders were finished in a draw, all of them were battle without a hint on grandmaster's drawn games. The two have joined group of the persecutors of six persons. It is the four-multiple champion of the world Anatoly Gantwarg (Belorus) changed the Russian Vladimir Milshin and international grandmaster Andrey Kalmakov (Tver) which has written down two points opposite to the surnames in the tournament table after victory above the Dutch H.Mejer.
With perfect combinational sight and most precise game in endgame has pleased of the fans Gavril Kolesov, gained at the representative of Azerbaijan Eldar Aliev. And the game called other ours grandmaster Ivan Tokusarov in hearts of the fans completely opposite feelings. He has lost Vladislav Bedinovs from Latvia.
Native walls has breaked, which one helped Ivan in the previous two rounds, rescueing him from an inevitable defeat. Really, how many it is possible.
One more participant has noted on tournament birthday. This time representative Коt D'vuare A.Ibragim. WE CONGRATULATE! The excellent gift to itself could be made by the inhabitant of a Coast of an Ivory, if has realized superfluous piece in a consignment with the Estonian Kenneth Karp. However Carp has found in endgame a beautiful drawn game and has kept African without a gift.
In the eighth round blind lottery in three first pairs has dropped out on meetings of the representatives of one country. The leader Sergey Nosevish will play with Anatoly Gantwarg, Guntis Valneris with Vladislav Bedinovs, and Alexander Georgiev with Anrey Kalmakov.
About fighters of invisible front. A part second. It is known, that the decision that our tournament will be conducted in Yakutsk, it was accepted after refusal of Cameroon. And all preparatory work was done in extremely rigid temporary frameworks. Nevertheless, it was possible to collect all strongest players. In it the large merit of the representatives of the World federation of checkers Johan Bastionnet, Alexander Presman (Netherlands), workers of edition of the journal "Shashechny Mir" Evgraf Zuboff, Victor Vysotsky (Moscow), and also Ministry of external relations of Republic Sakha (Yakutia) (minister Alexander Migalkin). Huge by him a thank on behalf of the participants and organizers!

July 31. The today's round was received on a rarity uncompromise. In all consignments there was a persistent and intense struggle, each player tried to prove, that he more strongly as opponent. All duels kept in suspense the spectators convoked today in Palace of sports named 50 years of Victory in II World War.
And again sole leader has appeared. It's Cameronnen Jean Mark Ndjofang, in excellent style defeated Russian Murod Amrilloev, having created numerous combinational threats. As has shown a result of this consignment, the words of Cameroonen do not miss business and he is quite seriously going to get in final eight. " I exhibit here continent and I shall do everything to get in the final", - has declared couple of days back arrogant Ndjofang. Similar, he goes in the steps legendary Baba Si, perhaps, brightest representative of black continent. A consignment Alexander Georgiev (Russia) with D.Erdenebileg (Mongolia) called as the large interest the spectators, but after an outcome of the arisen sharpest item the contenders soon have agreed to a drawn game.
The victory in today's round of the Belorus player Sergey Nosevich above D.Duakite from Мали has allowed him to join leading group.
This round has appeared very difficult for ours draughts players, therefore as well as Gavril Kolesov and Ivan Tokusarov have received very difficult, is possible losing games against a Rob Clerk (Netherlands) and Vladimir Milshin (Russia). If Ivan it was possible by any miracle to avoid a defeat, Gavril Kolesov, which consignment was finished after six hours of struggle, nevertheless could not reach a desired drawn game. Rob Clerk catches up with leading group.
After J-M.Ndjofang the six players follows. In this round the tradition previous two was infringed, when after four rounds we had four leaders, after five five. On termination the sixth round we have only one leader, but they are followed by six ones. The truth is rather interesting, whether? In the finished round both representatives of Caucasus have gained victories. Vachagan Muradyan (Armenia) and Eldar Aliev (Azerbaijan), which sometimes name here Geidar (Geidar Aliev is the name of presedent of
Azerbaijan. Alex.Kand.), have won accordingly at L.Kouate (Kot D'Vuare) and Lev Slobodskoy (Israel).
Tomorrow Gavril Kolesov will play with Eldar Aliev, and the opponent of Ivan Tokusarov becomes Vladislav Bedinovs (Latvia). That to hide, we hope that our guys will correct the tournament provision.

July 30. The central party Alexander Georgiev - Guntis Valneris was finished in a draw. On 43 move famous grandmasters, probably, having decided to not tempt destiny, have begun peace negotiations.
The second consignment of the leaders of tournament A.Cordier and J.Ndjofang proceeded in sharper and intense struggle, where two strategy have confronted: Cameroonen played by centre, French attempted to play around, but eventually item was received absolutely draw.
And D.Erdenebileg today at all has not blown. And on the contrary, has won at national grandmaster of Azerbaijan E.Aliev, having conducted a combination. Thus, the Mongol again was included in leading group. Furthermore he has appeared unique of the large group of the persecutors, who has caught up the leaders. All is wider and more widely geography of the leaders. Now there is also representative of Asia. For complete happiness does not suffice шашистов from the American and australian continents.
Generally speaking, this round was received rather rich on tactical manoeuvres. For example, the representative of Ukraine Igor Kirzner same style has won at G.Sarkiseev from Kazakhstans. And also ours Ivam Tokusarov, changed the Estonian К.Karp. For the sake of justice we shall note, that the item Yakutiya grandmaster, how the Estonian has committed a roughest oversight, called fears. Alexander Shvartsman, watching for as this consignment, in general considers it half-losing. Probably, all the same Tokusarov the notorious native walls have helped. Second our participant Gavril Kolesov has played in a draw with one of best draughts players of Russia Vladimir Milshin from a Ishimbai. By the way, tomorrow Milshin meets one participant from Yakutia. I think, that you cannot guess, with whom.
Gavril Kolesov plays in the sixth round with most experienced Rob Clerk. Коlesov was not born yet, when in far 1976 the Clerk became the silver prize-winner of Olympic tournament, having passed forward only legendary Harm Wiersma.
About fightings of invisible front. All participants mark a high level of realization of selection tournament of the applicants. The large preparatory work was conducted by organizational committee headed the vice-president of government Eujenua Mikhailova, federation of checkers, sponsors of tournament. The Diary of tournament of the applicants on Yakutiya TV and radio is daily prepared. Practically all republican newspapers shine our competitions. The official site of Tournament of the applicants is open, on which for 3 days more than 2,000 viewings of pages by the visitors from 31 countries are fixed.
Each day the participants feel attention and care of the clerical personnel servicing Tournament of the applicants. A thank to the owners modern Palace of sports 50 years of Victory for kindliness and hospitality.

July 29. Evening. Кing for day there was a yesterday's leader Dul Erdenebileg from Mongolia. The defeat in the fourth round has rejected him from the first line of the tournament table. The double champion of Asia not to somebody, and ex-champion of the world Guntis Valneris from Latvia has lost. From the debut the advantage was received by the representative of Baltia. At Mongolian player was formed isolated piece, which Latvian grandmaster has won and despite of persistent protection of the yesterday's leader, the consignment was finished at all in his benefit.
Also victory was gained by one of favorites the Russian Alexander Georgiev. Today his victim became the Dutch Ron Heusdens. And the Dutch from the very beginning played passively, than Georgiev has taken advantage and has finished a consignment before victory. And the duel Cameroonen Njofang with Tokusarov has brought only disappointments for the Yakutiya fans. In an equal position Ivan supposes the roughest mistake, after which the double champion of Africa has realized the advantage. Though at once after game Jean in interview to the author of these lines has given back to owing skill of Ivan, hardly this compliment becomes a consolation for the admirers of Токusarov. What pain, what pain: Njofang - Tokusarov 2-0 ! The meeting between Anatoly Gantwarg and Kolesov was finished in a draw. As has told favourite of the local fans (it means Коlesov) to ending a consignment to him it was possible to receive more pleasant, but it wasn't sufficient for victory.
The second victory on Tournament of the applicants was gained by the international draughts player And. Cordier. The French has offended the most age participant Lev Slobodskoy from Israel. The successor of famous school of the great French players of a beginning of the last century probably expects to revive famous historical traditions. A flag to him in hands. French one.
So, that we have for today. Four participants head the tournament table. They represent four states: Georgiev (Russia), Valneris (Latvia), Ndjofang (Cameroon) and Cordie (France). The leaders have per 6 points. Meeting of two obvious favorites of these competitions Alexander Georgiev and Guntis Valneris tomorrow is held.
In a nape to the leaders 9 participants breathe at once. Under the forecasts many, match - tournament for first seven to not avoid. At such strong and equal structure seven participants are hardly equal will collect till plus 3. The formula is simple: plus 3 you in the final, plus 2 prove, that you have right play in final. Let's remind, the match - tournament is held on August 6 at any weather.


Alexandra Burnasheva

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