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Challenge tournament Diary, Yakutsk-2002
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(sorry, translation has been made by programm)

July, 26. Opening.

July, 26. 1 round. July, 27. 2 round. July, 28. 3 round.

July, 29. 4 round. July, 30. 5 round. July, 31. 6 round.

August, 1. 7 round. August, 2. 8 round. August, 3. 9 round.

August, 4. 10 round. August, 5. 11 round. August, 6. Tie-breaks.


July 26. Opening. Yesterday in Yakutsk has started selection tournament of the applicants on a rank of the champion of the world on international checkers. The winner of this tournament receives the right on a match with the nine-multiple champion of the world by the Russian Alexey Chizhov. On start send 32 draughts players from 18 countries of the world.

The solemn opening was held the day before yesterday. It was colourful enough and, we shall hope, has adjusted the participants not only on only sports fighting, but also that the tournament will pass on a high level. Anyway, we, accepting party, in it are sure.

That the chairman of government of our republic Semen NAZAROV has told on opening:

- That the tournament of the applicants on a rank of the champion of the world passes on Yakutiya ground, I consider as confession of the contribution ours glorified draughts plauers in development of international checkers. In our republic is much made for development of sports. Absolutely recently Yakutsk met the participants of a championship of Russia on free struggle. Is pleasant, that our sportsmen please of the fans. On this championship we have received two champions of Russia and one bronze prize-winner. And in a championship of Europe on boxing gold has won Georgy Balakshin.

We perfectly know ours glorified draughst players Alexander Azarov, Gavril Kolesov, Ivan Tokusarov, Alexandra Burnasheva and we hope, that our sportsmen on this tournament will justify expectations of our fans. I congratulate all participants, trainers and judges with the special event for our republic, and let will conquer best!

The main initiator of realization of this tournament on Yakutiya ground is the vice-president of the World federation of checkers, the president of the Asian confederated states of checkers Vladimir Ptitsyn, which also has congratulated all participants and visitors on the beginning of so responsible tournament:

- In our republic very much love this kind of sports, which is obedient by all years old: from is small up to is great. Is pleasant, what exactly our kind is popular not only in Yakutia, but also in other regions, as the geography of this tournament confirms. Is grateful to government and organizing committee, especially to its chairman Eugenuya Mihailova, which have undertaken organization of tournament of the applicants. Is sure on 100 %, that this championship will exceed all previous on a level of organization. I wish to all participants of victories!

It is natural, that organization directly depends on the judicial assembly, which is headed with the Dutch Hedrikus Fokkink:

- It is very a pity, that the Americans have not arrived, but also without it the list of the participants very much impressing. Is a little bit surprised with meeting at the airport, when with us accompanied militias. We hope for a high level of organization of tournament and is understood, as checkers in your republic mean much.

Yesterday profits the stayed two participants. It's Alisher Artykov from Uzbekistans and Jean Mark Ndjofang from Камеруна. Business that have delayed the latter directly at the airport Sheremetievo because of problems with terms of the entrance visa. Not so simply to reach to us. Furthermore Ndjofang it is considered as one of strongest draughts players of Africa and has quite real chances to get in final eight. One more participant, Мurod Аmrilloev from Chelyabinsks, ex-champion of the world on Russian checkers, by the way, too was late for solemn opening, therefore as has come the day before yesterday in evening. The fans of checkers remember him since 1994, when he was the participant of a world championship on Russian checkers and represented of Uzbekistan. The number of the participants became even, and it for us, Yakutya's citizens, is not so joyful. Because in this case Vasily Kychkin can not become the participant of competitions. Thus, Yakutia will be represented by two - grandmasters Gavril Kolesov and Ivan Tokusarov. We, certainly, are excited first of all with their readiness. As is known, the tranning camp with our participants was conducted by the ex-champion of the world Alexander Shvartsman, heading, by the way speaking, rating - sheet of the шашистов-foreign affairs specialists. And still Alexander is by the captain of Yakutiya club "Diamond", which now became the champion of Russia. Under the decision of management of the World federation of checkers Alexander at once has got in final eight, so that next eleven days he will conduct in expectation of the contenders. That he has told to your correspondent on the eve of it more than responsible tournament:

- I arrive in Yakutia not for the first time. For the first time it has taken place in far 1990, when I was in Tattin's Ulise and also conducted the taxes with the Yakutiya schoolboys. By the way, then was also absolutely young Ganya Kolesov. As to the forecasts, it is difficult to speak this business thankless, and now about it. But I think, that the Russian Alexander Georgiev, Dutch of Uniforms the Clerk and Belorussian Alexander Balyakin precisely should get in final eight. In general, the tournament will be very nervous, and the unexpectedness are quite probable. For Yakutiya's draughts players main - correctly to distribute forces. With the strong contenders they should play quietly, on a drawn game. To their defects I refer defect of a pragmatism. It is good, that they are self-assured, but sometimes it prevents. I on a course of tournament shall help them. I think, that African's players can present unexpectedness. In general, much will depend from lucky.

And what opinion has stated international grandmaster, the three-multiple champion of the world on Russian checkers Gavril KOLESOV about the plans for forthcoming sports competitions. In opinion of many Gavrilis our basic hope:

- It would be desirable to get in first ten, though it will be very difficult. I understand, that the Yakutiya fans wait from me of hit in final eight, but it will be very hard, but I shall try. Most important, that madam good luck, well and important correctly has smiled to evaluate a level of game of the contenders. At least, I am adjusted optimistically. I think, that in the ending should get Guntis Valneris (Latvia), Alexander Balyakin (Belorus), Alexander Georgiev (Russia), Rob Clerk (Holland) and Anatoly Gantwarg (Belorus). In our preparation should a positive role trainning camp played with Аlexander Shvartsman, which has shown new ideas, has delivered us debuts.

Alexandra Burnasheva

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