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Chizhoff's tactics

V. Vigman's page

World Championship 2001 (womans) 

Brunssum 2001

Internet simultaneous match of Schwartsman

Letter of president Russian Draughts Federation of Mr.R.Klimashev

Visit to page with article about Russian GMI A. Georgiev

Match Samb - Buggy

3-rd European Youth Championship

Nijmegen Open 2001

Open Netherland's championship

Last results from "Golden Praque"

Holland's draughts competition of the best sportswomens

A.Schwartzman comments his game's from Russia Cup

Visit to chapter Russians draughts players

See best games of A.Tsjizjov in Delft!



If you have appeared by 10.000-th visitor

23 November. To trace such event it is easy, it is simple to see on the Spylog counter at the first page of site. Its average figure, opposite to a word Visitors, also is that indication, by which we are guided. At treasured figures you need to press a key Print Screen, thus the image of the screen will be written down in the buffer, and to send us this picture in any graphic format. For example, Paint, which is in Windows. Indicate as well time of this event. In an exchange we shall send you to a ceramic cap with a trade mark of our site. You can also buy this cup at our shop.

20 November. A few games from Jogos Abertos 2001 in applet with short comments of A.Kandaurov

19 November. Many interesting games was played in 5-th round of team competition of Holland. See games in the applet.

14 November. See results of Jogos Abertos 2001 (Brazil) and games of the best Brazil's draughts players in applet.

12 November. Read about one future of wonderful talent of World champion, Alexey Chizhoff in "100 Squares".

9 November. I offer to you to rest something from draughts politics and to see ALL games from tourney in Bijlmer in applet. And you can download same games in another formats from our page.

9 November. Group of Russian draughts players, including A.Chizoff and T.Tansykkuzhina, want to found separate federation in Russia for 100-hundred square. See details here. Holland's site Damweb named this fact "Revolution in Russia". It's looks like... We offer to all who want post his private opinion, do it in our special web forum You can send ANONYMOUS message.

8 November. Because we are receiving information with delay, only now inform you that very strong ADG tourney was in Holland from 17.10 till 20.10. International grandmaster from Tver, Andrey Kalmakov won this one with fine result 13 points (!) (7 rounds). Andrey won very important game in 5 round against Samb. All games of this tourney you can download here.

6 November. Please find answer of FMJD's president, Mr. Walter van Beek, to grandmaster Evgraf Zuboff.

5 November. Open letter of Е.Zuboff to FMJD's president, Mr. Walter van Beek.




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