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30 October. See games from Bijlmer tourneys in the applet on the our page.

29 October. Kees Thijssen won Bijlmer tourney with 12 points. Samb - second, Mejer - third. Alexey Chizhoff on the 4 place. All they have per 11 points.

27 October. On Bijlmer tourney befire last round Thijssen leads with 11 points. Chizhoff, Meijer, Samb have each per 10 points after 8 rounds.

23 October. Polish Team Championship - 27th season.

1-st. division
19-21 of October 1-st round
1. Lokator Gniezno 4-8 22
2. Admiral PCBEST Szczecin 4-6 21
3. Kociolki Sarbia 4-3 12
4. Warcpol Szczecin 4-2 13
5. GOSIR Darlowo 4-1 12
6. Grom Poczesna dsq (down to 2nd division)

Best 4 teams will play again in second round on march'2002.
Most exiting match:
Lokator - Admiral 5-3
Siuda - Chmiel 1-1
Czarnota - Bouzynskij 1-1
Anikieev - Sawczyk 2-0
Tomczak - Stec 1-1

Information was sent to us Jacek Pawlicki.

23 October. In second round of Bijlmer tourney Meijer won Thijssen. Two players lead, Valneris and Meijer have per 3 points from 4.

22 October. In Bijlmer tourney first round played. Results - Chizhoff - Kalmakov 1 - 1, Ndjofang - Valneris 0 - 2, Samb - Hoogteijling - 1 -1, Bouzinski - Thijssen 0 - 2, Meijer - Oudshoorn 1 - 1.

17 October. Birthday of Andris Andreiko. To him might be 59 ... We offer to you article of V.Vigman.

16 October. Strong international tourney will start in Amsterdam, 21 October with A.Chizhoff, G.Valneris, A.Kalmakov and N.Samb. See tourney's site.

12 October. Please read message for problemistes (I'n not sure, but I think it's in French):

Je voudrais vous annoncer que le 6 october 2001 a Kaunas (Lituanie) a eu lieu le 1-ier Congresde l Union problemistes amateurs du Jeu de Dames de Lituanie.Le Congres a decide:1. De creer l Union problemistes amateurs du Jeu de Dames de Lituanie 2.D adopter le Statut 3.D e lire le Comite d action.
Voice le Comite d action de l Union problemistes amateurs du Jeu Dames de Lituanie (Lithuania Draughts Composition Amateur Union):
Le President: Algimantas Kaciuska (Siauliai), e-mail kaciuska@splius.lt
Le Vice-president (pour la composition): Rinas Mackevicius (Vilnius), e-mail nvilpol@takas.lt
Le Vice-president (pour la solution de la composition): Juozas Leisys (Moletai), e-mail juozas@moletai.omnitel.net
Le Secretaire general: Virmantas Masiulis (Kaunas), e-mail mkamile@takas.lt
Les autres membres du Comite:
Antanas Gimbutas (Utena), e-mail antanas.gimbutas@takas.lt
Gintaras Magelinskas (Birzai), e-mail montekristas@post.omnitel.net
Viktor Studencov (Vilnius)
Adresse: Architektu 38-21, 5407 Siauliai, Lietuva (Lituanie, Lithuania)
L information: http://virmismasiulis.tripod.com/draugh.htm
Algimantas Kaciuska

11 October. You can see in applet 126 best games from Yakutsk, sended to us Alexey Chizhoff. See our page.

8 October. Many thanks to World's champion, Alexey Chizhoff, for your help. He sent games of leaders from Yakutsk tourney. You can download it from our Download page.

8 October. Jacek Pavlisky sent results of 2 rounds match POLAND - HOLLAND, 6,7 October, 2001.

POLAND - HOLLAND 6-14 8-12 14-26
CHMIEL Piotr - Cor van Dusseldorp 1-1 1-1
GRZESIAK Marcin - Nina Hoekman 1-1 1-1
KOBYLINSKI Miroslaw - Alex Mathijsen 0-2 1-1
STEC Marcin - Eric Hoogendoorn 0-2 1-1
SLAPINSKI Andrzej - Andrew Tjon A Ong 1-1 1-1
PRZYMUSINSKI Tadeusz - Henk Hoekman 1-1 1-1
SAWCZYK Ryszard - Richard Meijer 1-1 1-1
PAWLICKI Jacek - Richard Kromhout 1-1 0-2
STEFANEK Leszek - Kees van den Bosch 0-2 0-2
FLISIKOWSKI Sylwester - Arjen de Mooij 0-2 1-1



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