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World Championship 2001 (womans) 

Brunssum 2001

Internet simultaneous match of Schwartsman

Letter of president Russian Draughts Federation of Mr.R.Klimashev

Visit to page with article about Russian GMI A. Georgiev

Match Samb - Buggy

3-rd European Youth Championship

Nijmegen Open 2001

Open Netherland's championship

Last results from "Golden Praque"

Holland's draughts competition of the best sportswomens

A.Schwartzman comments his game's from Russia Cup

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See best games of A.Tsjizjov in Delft!



24 August. III Euro Cup has finished. Strong team of Bashneft won two matches in final against Holland's team. RCOP from Minsk was 3-rd. See details (in Rissian) and games on the Cup's site.

Tamara Tansykkuzhina - new World champion!

24 August. Tamara Tansykkuzhina (Russia) became new World champion. We congratulate she! You can visit to our page, which one is updating a few times per day. See here standing, results, games.


21 August. See here raitings of Russians draughts players.

August, 19. The second set ending of match human-computer was gave out fantastic on a pressure. Even the rules could not provide, that three basic and 6 (!!!) additional parties will be finished in a draw. In one of short parties  the engineering has given up - the computer has made an impossible course (the truth in almost won position), but Samb has magnanimously agreed to a drawn game. The award for gentlemanliness became a victory in 7-th party of tie-break and - in a match. Bravo, Samb! Many thanks to Nicolas Guibert for the organization of an entertainment match! Details on a site of a match

16 August. In France Samb won first set with score 4-2. The first game of second set played draw, but looks like Buggy had to win. More details...


15 August.Open letter of Alexander Georgiev, international grandmaster, world champion (rapid draughtst) to officials of FMJD.

....It looks like someone is in the treaty with Mr. Klimashev - I can't find any other explanation...

  the full text of letter

14 August.  In France in the first match between human and computer Samb leads with score 3-1. More details...

14 August. We suggest to you visit to our new page with competition If you will like it, then we will continue organize it.

Schwartsman won 10 games from 11!

13 August. You can see video-interview with Alexander Schwartsman just now !!! Volume of zip-file is 2,38 МBytes.  Download

In the internet simultaneous match on VOG site Alexander Schwartsman won 10 games from 11 and 1 draw. More details will here soon ...

11 August. Ron Heusdens won the tourney in Brunssum. Samb was 2-nd  and Dolfing - 3-rd with same points. I suggest to visit the site Brunssum 2001

10 August. Vladas Valantinas from Lithuania produced new draughts book. You can cut it and get 35 card library...  continue


10 August. On the tourney in Brunssum after 8 round Heusdens and Dolfing have per 14 points. Samb 3-rd and has 1 point less. I suggest to visit the site Brunssum 2001

6 August. Thanks to Klaas Bor, we have received correct notation of the game from last round,  Balyakin - Scholma. You can see it here.

5 August. Tourney in Brunssum has started. After 3-rd round Heusdens and Dolfing lead with 6 points. 14 players have 5 points. I suggest to visit the site Brunssum 2001

 Match Samb-Buggy

1 August. The games of the man-machine match Samb-Buggy (August 13-19th) will be broadcast live thanks to a special version of the Damweb Java Applet. The live interface (including a webcam and a chat) will be tested on Saturday August the 4th at 20:00 (Paris time). Please go to the site of Buggy at this time (click on LIVE). Then you will be able to chat with the authors of Buggy (NM Nicolas Guibert, GMI Maxime KouamИ) and the author of the Damweb Java Applet Gerard de Groot. A demo live game will also be played. It is important that as many players as possible come on Saturday so that the people who worked on it, are sure that the live interface works fine. Thanks in advance for coming."

30 July. We bring to your attention the letter of president Russian Draughts Federation of Mr.R.Klimashev. Also we ask to express the opinion on this question in voting.        continue...

Auke Scholma - winner of  Njimegen Open!

29 July. Auke Scholma (see photo) in the last round played draw with Balyakin and taken first place in the strong tournament in Njimegen! World champion, Alexey Tchizhoff was second and Samb - third.  See standing and games in Damweb Applet

  Tchizhoff could win against Fennema with nice shot,
but didn't find it!

22 July. On the finished Open Netherland's championship game Tchizhoff - Fennema has received prize for best combination. But our champion didn't find this nice shot during game. See, how it could be.. 

22 July. Erdenebileg (Mongolia) won championship of Asia  with 17 points, Amrilloev (Bashkiria) was second - 16 points and Kolesov (Sakha) 15 points. See games of first rounds.

20 July. On open championship of Holland in 8 round H.Wiersma and A.Balyakin played theyselfes games draw and A.Tchizhoff has fine chance to complete with them, if win against Fennema. Unfortunatelly, Alexey lost this game and stay now on 11 place only. See results and games.

17 July. 1-st Lithuanian Open russian draughts championship via e-mail is planned to run. Registration address is vlava@delfi.lt You have to denote your name, email, drought sport rank. The start list of championship participants will be formed according to given tenders. If the number of tenders will be less than 30 then only one tournament will be kept, otherwise two leagues (1st and 2d) might be established. In the beginning the participation fee is 12 litas (3 USD). Participation fee will be used for arbitration expenses. Prizes depends on sponsors. The participation fee must be send only after receiving official announcement about including into championship. I believe that besides Lithuanian players many foreign droughts players will participate too. So far the championship regulations are under construction.

  Referee of championship Vladas Valantinas, vlava@delfi.lt

14 July. To our checkers players (yes will not take offence at me Valneris) was not lucky in a lottery. In the matchfor 1-st place Guntis could not win at Dolfing from Holland, and that became on a lot the winner of tournament SNS Zeeland Open. After drawn parties with Tsjizjov  good luck has smiled in lottery to Samb which 3 place is awarded. Alexey - only 4-th.

14 July. July, 12 the championship of Asia should begin (and, probably, on the began) in Ulan Bator.  Continue...

13 July. There are three leaders in the womens championship of Holland, Kamyshleeva, Chub and Wanders. See news and games at the site  www.nkdammen.nl

   We offer to see fantastic game Tsjizjov with Thijssen from SNS Zeeland Open!

12 July. In SNS Zeeland Open Alexey Tsjizjov will play barrage for 2 place in his group. Unfortunately, he any more does not accept participation in struggle for 1 first place. In deciding match  Valneris and Dolfing will meet.

A.Tsjizjov lost first game in this year! See this game at our site in Damweb Applet. 

10 July. In the first round  of SNS ZEELAND OPEN Alexey lost to non well-known players Daaf Kasse, who has raiting about 200 punkts low. Alexey has time to correct his standing. All games with favourites are in future. Visit to fine site  - SNS Zeeland Open

9 July. Henk Klarenbeek from Holland won "Golden Praque". The N.Malyshev was the best from Russians players - 8 pl.  Site of tourney

9 July. After 4  rounds in womens championship of Holland three sportswomens leads - Olga Kamychleeva, Nina Hoekman and Erna Wanders - per 10 points. (3 points for winning, 1 point for draw). See news and games   www.nkdammen.nl

Guntis Valneris won in Tallinn!

6 July. He taken 13 points from 18, and this number became happy for him. Ex-champion of world A.Schwartzman - second. Tabel and games5 July Before last round in Tallinn Valneris leads - 12 points, Schwartzman is second - 11 points, then Gantwarg and Kirzner - both per 10 points.

4 July. There are no draws in the 7-th rond of Tallinn 2001! Valneris continue lead, Schwartzman - second. See our page4 July. Guntis Valneris beats another favourite in Tallinn! Now he won against I.Kirsner and leads with 9 ponts. 1 point less A.Schwartzman has. See standing and games.




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