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World Championship 2001 (womans) 

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Internet simultaneous match of Schwartsman

Letter of president Russian Draughts Federation of Mr.R.Klimashev

Visit to page with article about Russian GMI A. Georgiev

Match Samb - Buggy

3-rd European Youth Championship

Nijmegen Open 2001

Open Netherland's championship

Last results from "Golden Praque"

Holland's draughts competition of the best sportswomens

A.Schwartzman comments his game's from Russia Cup

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See best games of A.Tsjizjov in Delft!


30 December. We congratulate with birthday Vyacheslav Ivanovich Tschegolev! Our small traditional present is best games collection in applet.

26 December. We are started to translate our chapter about draughts database into English. The first translated pages you can see. Soon you will can download SPIRT in English. Please, send any questions to our forum.

25 December. We suggest to see a few games of internet-simultaneous match of Alexander Schwartzman. There his opponents was national masters from Israel, Italy and Holland.

24 декабря. Yesterday, second simultaneous internet matsh of Alexander Schwartzman was played. Alexander won 8 and 2 draw.

24 December. World championship of kadets has finished in Minsk, Belarus. R. Misans became new World champion, second is B.Derkx (Holland), third - S.Bilostheyev (Ukraine). The best from Russians - Mironov was 7.

17 December. World championship cadets (till 16 years). Minsk. Misans from Latvia leads with 10 points from 10 (!). 2-3 places - Derkx and Slotboom per 8 points, both from Holland. Russians Mironov and Malyshev devide 7-14. Site of tournament.

17 December. You can find in applet more interesting games of 7-th round Holland team competition. Click HERE

15 December. Happy birthday to Holland's grandmaster, Ton Sijbrands, legend of draughts world! A small gift from our site - congratulation's page with his winning games.

We are pleased to extend an invitation to all to play against the 1998-2000 International 10x10 Draughts World Champion, Alexander Schwartzman, in a simultaneous games match on VOGClub.com!
The match will start on Sunday, December 23, 2001 at 1:00pm EST. That is 7:00pm in Central Europe

13 December. We are publishing new games in 100-squares of Vladimir Vigman His games in Brazil draughts incoming. And I know that he played in checker well...

13 December. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Elena Chitaikina!

11 December. You can try our new service - seach of site (see box from left side. Just enter word you need to find and press search! Then you will see all links of our site with this word. It's easy to use, but manual in English will ready soon.

11 December. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To Tamara Tansykkuzhina! We wish to she alot of first places, good health and let's all her dreams will come! Who didn't see her personal page, can do it now.

10 December. We suggest to you to think about new system for top personally results in Holland team competition. Click here.

4 December See games of Vladimir Vigman in Russian draughts with author's comments.

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23 November. To trace such event it is easy, it is simple to see on the Spylog counter at the first page of site. Its average figure, opposite to a word Visitors, also is that indication, by which we are guided. At treasured figures you need to press a key Print Screen, thus the image of the screen will be written down in the buffer, and to send us this picture in any graphic format. For example, Paint, which is in Windows. Indicate as well time of this event. In an exchange we shall send you to a ceramic cap with a trade mark of our site. You can also buy this cup at our shop.


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