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Letter of president Russian Draughts Federation of Mr.R.Klimashev

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Draughts News

31 January. Happy Birthday to Yury Chertok! Our small present to him is regular congratulation page with games and photos.

25 January. А.Chizhoff won 1-st Russia rapid tournament with 13 points in 9 rounds. V.Milshin has same points, but he was second because honor points. Details.

25 January. We suggest to see games of first seven rounds of rapid championship of rapid championship

24 January. On the 1-st champioship of Russia in rapid draughts V.Milshin won in 6 round and became leader with 11 points (7 rounds)! A.Chizhoff has 1 point less! Results of 6 and 7 rounds.

24 January. We publish the circulation of leading Russian draughts players to the Chairman of State committee of sports and tourism, Mr. Rozhkov P.А.

24 January. Familiarize with the answer to FIDR of the president RDF, Mr. R. Klimashev (from 21 January).

Dear sirs!

Is sincerely glad, that in checkers there came the serious and dear people wishing to help to our kind of sports. Our public association, RDF, consists of regional public associations. January, 26 presidium of RDF is held, on which your letter will be considered. In February, according to a calendar, coordinated with Goskomsport of Russia, the championship of Russia on in international and Russian checkers are held. We should know, what regional federations have entered in FIDR. Many from what are printed at your site refuse the introduction in FIDR. As soon as possible selection world championship among the men. There are many problems with youthful competitions. While at you initiative group, instead of legal association. I offer to come to someone from the chiefs of your organization on presidium of January 26 for consideration of many questions on a calendar. We also would like to know the program of the chiefs of your organization on development of international checkers.

The president RDF Klimashev R.N.

24 January. On the 1-st champioship of Russia in rapid draughts A.Chozhoff and V.Milshin are leading - per 8 points after 5 rounds. 5 players have 1 point less. Site of tournament. See games of first rounds in applet.

24 January. We suggest to see playing of Russian programms (Russian draughts), medalists of last championship of Russia. Of course, you will find some moves strange for man. Don't forget, it's computers! Games here. Comments will follow later.

22 January. The 1-st Championat of Russia on international draughts (rapid) has started in Ishimbay. Among participants (totally - 26) mgi A.Chizov, mgi A.Georgiev, mgi T.Tansykkuzina, mgi V.Milshin, mgi A.Shvartsman, mgi V.Tschegolev, mgi A.Kalmakov, mgi A.Getmanski and others. See first results.

22 January. We congratulate with birthday Pieter Hildering, founder of Hiltex team, many-times champion of Holland team competition. We know how Pieter likes play draughts and want wish to him and his team many victories in future. Happy Birthday!

21 January.

The open letter to Russian Draughts Federation

Dear members of Presidium!

January 19, 2002 the constituent conference on creation of Federation of international checkers of Russia was held in city Ufa. The representatives 14 regions of Russian Federation and practically all leading players of Russia, including acting champions of the world among the men and women, have taken part in work of a conference. Besides 5 regions of Russia have expressed readiness to cooperate to created Federation on the today's moment.

As a result of work of a conference the Federation of international draughts of Russia (FIDR(?)) was created, its charter is affirmed and the authorities are elected. The chief of one of the largest enterprises of Russia - joint-stock Petroleum Company "Bashneft" Syrtlanov Ampir Shaibakovich was unanimously elected by the president of FIDR.

FIDR puts by the purpose development of international (100 squares) draughts in Russia as independent sports discipline and is ready to cooperate to other federations, reserving the priority right to represent players in international draughts of Russia in all Russian and international organizations and forums.

The vice-president FIDR Mazitov I.F.
The 9-multiple champion of the World Chizhoff A.R.
Champion of the World and Europe Tanzykkizhina Т.M.
The champion of the World on draughts composition, deserved lawyer of Russia, Маtus V.P.

21 January. "Magistr" again has conquered on 3 an open championship of Russia among the computer programs. "ADC" was second and "PLUS 600" - third. Unfortunately, the programs not so hardly progress, as it would be desirable. Again ahead that of them, that have the bases of the endings. Thus "Master" has the largest base for 6 pieces, and ADC has base for 5 pieces.

20 January. Jacek Pawlitsky has issued the perfectly made out book of combinations talented Russian draughts players, Y.Ermakov and М.Galkin (book on a photo), as was withdrew А.Chizhoff about this book, -"Many positions are small masterpieces forcing the reader to repeatedly think through and watch the kaleidoscope of untypical ideas." Do you want buy? Go here.

20 January. We can not remain away from such event, as a match E.Bouzhinsky against the draughts Internet. The special page with statistics and consignments is devoted to a match. We advise to have a look!

20 January. We suggest to see interesting game from half-final of Holland between Wiering and Scholma. Wiering could win but because time shortage made mistaken 48 move and lost. To see game

18 January. А.Getmansky won championship of Bashkortostan with 15 points from 18. Milshin, Ishimbaev and Galashov have devided second place. Georgieva won womens tournament. More information (in Russian only) you can find here.

17 January. We congratulate with birthday Alexander Kandaurov, developer of this site. You can visit his congratulation page.

16 January. Jacek Pawlitsky has lunched match of grandmaster E.Buzhinsky with visitors of his site. First move played! Details.

15 January. Four players are liding on a championship of Bashkortostan - V.Tschegolev, А.Getmansky, V.Мilshin and Ishimbaev. At the women competition Georgieva and Antuvieva leads. The information on tournament.

14 January. Draughts players, wishing to play this year in competitions or simply to observe the games, can familiarize with a calendar of international competitions this year.

13 January. We offer you to look the most interesting parties the last round of team championship of Holland. Pay attention, how methodically van Akker has changed an ascending Dutch star, К.Thijssen.

7 January. We suggest you to think about new system for top personally results in Holland team competition. New TOP here

4 January. We congratulate Moscow grandmaster Anatoly Chulkov with birthday. And why he has appeared on a photo in a costume of Santa Clause, you will find out, if you visit our congratulatory page with a traditional games collection in applet.

3 January. We suggest some games from World championship of cadets, Minsk 2001. All games of winner, Roberts Misans (Latvia) has included.

2 January. News and calendar 2002 from EDC in English. The main news is that Jacek Pawlicki, EDC president, isn''t interested to be EDC-president for the Year 2002-2006.

2 January. We congratulate with birthday Ion Dosca, international grandmaster from Moldova. Our small traditional present is games collection from SPIRT database in applet.

30 December. We congratulate with birthday Vyacheslav Ivanovich Tschegolev! Our small traditional present is best games collection in applet.

26 December. We are started to translate our chapter about draughts database into English. The first translated pages you can see. Soon you will can download SPIRT in English. Please, send any questions to our forum.

25 December. We suggest to see a few games of internet-simultaneous match of Alexander Schwartzman. There his opponents was national masters from Israel, Italy and Holland.




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